Georgetown Cupcake

Okay so I admit it, I get starstruck easily.

I squealed with excitement when I saw Meryl Streep in New York, almost passed out when Donnie Wahlberg took off his shirt at a concert, and don’t even get me started when I met Rajon Rondo in person a few years ago.  But being a food nerd, my world of celebrities extend to chefs like Anthony Bourdain and Tiffany Faison, authors like Calvin Trillin, Molly O’Neill, and Marcella Hazan, and TV food personalities.

So when I met Katherine and Sophie, sisters and owners of Georgetown Cupcake, and stars of TLC’s DC Cupcakes, I was a little bit starstruck.

And by starstruck I mean I couldn’t stop gushing about how I I love how pink everything is, and I can’t wait to try the cupcakes, and I love Katherine’s hair, and Sophie’s blouse, and yes I’m excited about the cupcakes and I’m so glad they opened in Boston and did I say how much I love how pink everything is?

I was invited to the champagne and cupcake dessert reception last week to celebrate the grand opening of Georgetown Cupcake in Boston.

It was a fabulous night filled with cupcakes (and goodie bags)…

… lots of champagne (and good-looking boys)…

… and friends (plus the stars of DC Cupcakes)!

The cupcake glitterati turned out in full force – the event was packed! We spent an hour or so drinking champagne and sampling various flavors of mini-cupcakes. My favorite was the salted caramel one, followed by red velvet.

The nice folks at Georgetown Cupcake were very kind to give event attendees 6 full-size cupcakes to take home and gift bags, too, which included a signed copy of The Cupcake Diaries among other goodies. I just started reading the cookbook, and I love how each page is in full color and each chapter is peppered with stories from the sisters.

I rarely bake my own cupcakes, mostly because I love buying the perfect-looking ones from bakeries and trying different flavors. I can’t wait to go back to Georgetown Cupcake and try the other flavors – such as that chocolate³ in the above display, which is different from chocolate² (first picture, photo taken from the website):

Chocolate³ is a Valrhona chocolate cupcake with a thin layer of rich Callebaut chocolate ganache icing topped with French chocolate sprinkles. Chocolate² is a Valrhona chocolate cupcake with a whipped Callebaut chocolate frosting topped with a fondant flower.

How can I not love a cupcake store that combines chocolate and math algorithms? And I love how pink everything is…

Do you watch DC Cupcakes? What’s your favorite reality show?


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