Scenes From The Newport Mansions Wine and Food Festival 2014

mini rosa regale

Wine, food, cocktails, cheese, meat, chocolate, more wine, and a stunning scenery.

My friends and I were in heaven at The Newport Mansions Wine and Food Festival, one of my favorite events in New England.  We attended the grand tasting at the beautiful Marble House, spent hours on the lawn, mingled with the rich and famous, took dozens of pictures for our social media profiles, and sipped on MANY glasses of wine.

I’ve been going to this event for a few years (check out my first ever visit three years ago) and it’s always a fun excuse to get out of town and drive to Rhode Island. Of course, by drive I mean I stay in the passenger’s seat. st germain table newport

It’s become my little tradition to go straight to the St-Germain booth immediately to start off the festivities of the day. Even though it is a wine (and food) festival, I cannot ignore the siren call of one of my favorite drinks (I even make St-Germain jello shots). After that, I just go up and down the giant tent, take breaks at the lawn to enjoy the beautiful scenery, and drink I mean taste wine to my heart’s content.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the event:

cathy and bianca newport
marble house newport

salumi platter MR white wine blend

my +1 for the day (my friend Cathy); the Marble House from the front gates; samples of sopressata, prosciutto; and mozzarella rolls with prosciutto; a white wine blend from one of the purveyors

dows port

port pour bachelorette party

blackstone caterers

cheese samples narragansett creamery smoked fish canape

Dow’s Port; a bachelorette party; Blackstone catering; samples of Narragansett Creamery cheese; a smoked bluefish pate

chinese pagoda marble house stone lion marble house
linguini with mushrooms and olive oil blosson flavored water

the Chinese pagoda/tea house at the back of the mansion (the wine seminars were held there); stone lion guarding the pagoda; linguini with olive oil and mushrooms; flavored water (there were some non-alcoholic beverages, too)

slicing porchetta

korean BBQ lettuce wraps hangar steak in roasted pepper chimichurri

stone fruit reisling
stone fruit reisling sample

a man slicing porchetta on the spot; Korean BBQ lettuce wraps from Tamo Bar + Bistro; hanger steak with roasted pepper chimichurri from Plantation Catering; stone fruit riesling; wine pouring with a smile

coffee and mascarpone gelato guittard chocolate chips

dean bianca will

coffee and mascarpone gelato (soooo good); different kinds of Guittard chocolate chips; with my friends Dean and Will from The Boston Foodie

I had a really wonderful time at the Newport Mansions Wine and Food Festival. The venue was breath-taking, and the weather that day was just perfect. You might notice that the wines I posted here are all sweeter wines, which is exactly how I like my drinks, but I did try a lot of other drier and more robust varieties.

bianca marble house

I’m grateful to receive complimentary passes to the event, and I’d love to come back again next year! I love the Newport mansions and could easily imagine myself living in a mansion some day…

Do you have a favorite wine and food event?


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