My 2011 Recap

What are you doing New Year’s Eve? (if you haven’t seen this super cute viral video of Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt yet, check it out now!) I will be spending NYE with my family here in Manila then a few hours later flying back to Boston. As the year comes to an end, I’m taking this opportunity to reflect on the year that was…

2011 meant a lot of things for me, but mostly, it was my Year of Me. It was the year I turned 30, the year I got over my twice-broken heart, the year I spent a lot of time running, baking, and developing new friendships while cherishing old ones. It was the year I really loved myself, and did things that made me truly happy.

And, it was the year that I made a lot of… BALLS.

This year, I made rum balls, peanut butter oreo cheesecake truffles, chocolate chip cookie dough truffles, chocolate covered oreo balls, and Nutella cake balls (still the most popular recipe on this blog!) I also made some tuna meatballs but those weren’t as fun as dessert balls…

Other things that made 2011 so memorable:

I went to Houston, y’all, and landed a baby in jail. And I almost stayed for the cowboys. But not the naked kind.

I thought I had food poisoning. But it was only a scallop scare.

I learned how to efficiently balance blogging with a full time job (it involves a sexy Viking god vampire).

There was more Filipino food love in my blog: kesong puti, pimiento cheese, mango icebox cake, ube jam, beef salpicao, and lots of pork.

Running became a much bigger part of my life (I ran my first half marathon!)

Nutella Banana Pudding. Enough said.

I discovered my new favorite shot: Baby Guinness. I also had my fair share of tequila. And sangria. And all sorts of other cocktails.

I hosted a couple of events, including the 3 Musketeers Happy Hour at the W Hotel and Mystery Meet at Posto (that cake above is the 3 Musketeers cake).

I went on several day trips around gorgeous New England, such as my visits to Sakonnet Vineyards and the Newport Mansions Wine & Food Festival in Rhode Island, girls’ day out in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, as well as multiple trips to New York City.

I experienced a fraction of how it is feels to be blind with the 2011 Taste of Perkins.

I ate the most extravagant meal of my life O Ya (it included luscious sushi, wagyu beef, truffle, caviar, and a gold leaf).

I was very lucky to get some really great press for Confessions of a Chocoholic, including being named “The Blog for Foodies” by Edible Boston, and also being featured in Public Radio Kitchen,, The Mighty Rib. And of course I had my fifteen minutes seconds of fame, as I was featured on the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams (I can’t believe I was on TV!!)

I had a Wahlberg hangover. Twice.

I ate a ghost chili (almost) without knowing it.

I went home to the Philippines for the holidays and ate the white cheese I’ve loved my whole life.

And I had the best Christmas I could ask for.

My heart is swelling with love and gratitude for all the food, memories, and moments of 2011. Thank you so much for continuing to read my blog, and for all the support and encouragement!

I wish you all a fantastic new year ahead filled with complete and utter happiness. And chocolate. Always chocolate.


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