2nd Street Creamery Ice Cream Picnic

I knew I would like  2nd Street Creamery ice cream before I even tasted it. I knew because I read their stories.

“We are more than just flavor, we are a physical and emotional journey that will transform your day from ordinary to extraordinary.”

I read each story, each flavor, and I was transported back to time and events with stories of my own. And then, the ice cream arrived. Eight pints, flavors hand-picked by me: Truck Stop Fudge, Black Hills Strawberry Rhubarb, Limerick Cherry Chocolate, Copper Kettle Caramel, Cannoli di Nonni, Almond Butter Hazelnut Fudge, Vanilla #178, and Sweet Ol’ Joe.

I’ve been wanting to host a little picnic along the Charles River with some of my friends, so having eight pints of premium ice cream (disclosure: 2nd Street Creamery provided me with all the ice cream) seemed like the perfect push to finally arrange a summer afternoon get-together.

The Charles River is one of my most beloved places in the whole world, and I feel so fortunate to live in Harvard Square so close to it. It was really nice to have a lazy afternoon there for an ice cream picnic. I invited a few of my friends, plus a little man who couldn’t wait to break into a pint:

There is something about ice cream, summer weather, and being outdoors that makes everyone really happy. We had such an enjoyable time, sharing snacks, catching up, and just enjoying the company of family and friends.

I polled everyone about their favorite flavors (mine was Copper Kettle Caramel) and while the Cannolli di Nonni had quite a few fans, the coffee flavor, Sweet Ole Joe, seemed like the sleeper hit! I guess coffee is one of those flavors that gets overlooked as an ice cream, but when done right, it’s pretty awesome.

In the 2nd Street Creamery website, they ask, “what’s your story?” I have a lot of fond memories about ice cream, and I want to share another cherished one: Eating ube ice cream with my Tito (Uncle) Raul. He’s my favorite uncle, and one who shares an almost identical palate with me, since we like so many of the same foods (except mayo – which I love and he hates).

(That’s him, slicing ham, with my sisters Patty and Monic)

When I was younger, Tito Raul and I would always eat ube ice cream, with its vibrant purple hue and unique taste, and we’d often top it with barquillos, sweet Filipino wafers shaped like thick straws. Sometimes I’d crumble the barquillos on top of my ice cream. Sometimes I’d prefer another topping, like macapuno (sweetened coconut strips) or garbanzos (sugary, syrupy chickpeas). But always, I savored the ube ice cream to the last drop. I look forward to seeing everyone whenever I come home to the Philippines, and I especially look forward to eating with Tito Raul. We haven’t had ube ice cream together in a long time, but I always remember those fun times when we used to.

So cheers to Tito Raul, and to the rest of my family and friends, who continue to create more sweet stories with me, one ice cream scoop at a time.

And thank you, 2nd Street Creamery, for the delicious ice cream and for reminding us that ice cream and happiness go hand in hand!


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