Closing Out a Decade

You may have noticed that I have been unusually quiet the last few months. For those who know me in real life, stop laughing! And for everyone who are still here, thank you.

But it’s true: I’ve been quiet on the blog front (even if I have been active on IG). I’ve been busy – with work, travelling, attending to family matters, hanging out with my husband, catching up with old friends, testing new recipes, trying out new restaurants and coming back to favorites, pretty much the same things I’ve been doing the last few years, except I haven’t been chronicling them on this blog.

I’ve been tired, that’s true, but I also just really needed a break. A chance to breathe. A time to sit back and relax and focus. Not worry about a content calendar, or a sponsor, nor fall into the comparison trap. A good old-fashioned reset. I took a break until I felt the flutter of longing to write here again. Absence does makes the heart grow fonder, and boy am I fond of this little corner on the internet. I missed writing, I missed taking pictures, I missed YOU! This little blog has changed my life and given me so many opportunities that I never could have imagined, and for that it will always be special.

As the year and the decade are closing out, I figured it’s the ideal time to look back, and look forward. It’s been a delicious decade, and I look forward to many more.

My Top 10 Things This Decade:

1. I wrote about two of my favorite things: ube and kesong puti.

2. I made a birthday cake for myself every year (except for that one year where I posted about um, cabbage…)

3. Then I met a guy whose birthday falls two days before mine and I started making joint birthday cakes.

4. I married that guy. Turns out he’s the love of my life.

5. I was able to travel to different countries in Asia: Philippines, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan.

And we’re about to add Thailand to that list in a couple of months, so send me your recos!

6. I was able to travel to different countries in Europe: Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, Denmark, Sweden.

7. I was able to travel to some of the best cities in America: New York, New Orleans, Charleston, Asheville, Seattle, San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Chicago, Baltimore, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Nashville, and more.

8. I took advantage of living in New England, with trips to Portland, Portsmouth, Rockland, Kittery, Concord, Newport, and many more trips filled with seafood and breath-taking views.

9. I ate some pretty incredible things in Boston and all over the world, from squid ink pasta, crab cakes, jamon, sushi, hotdogs, porchetta, and so much ice cream.

10. I enjoyed quality time and family trips with my parents, sisters, husband, and brother-in-law, and I’ve never been happier.

So goodbye, 2019 and this past decade. You have been so generous with me. Hello, 2020. I am so ready for more.

As for the New Year’s Eve celebration tonight, Matt and I are staying home, eating appetizers and drinking champagne. One of those apps will be these potato chip and caviar bites, which hardly counts as a recipe and more of a guide:

  1. Lay out some potato chips on a pretty platter. Make sure you have sturdy ones, like ridge-cut or kettle-cooked.
  2. Dollop some sour cream on top of each.
  3. Top with a little caviar.
  4. Garnish with some fresh chives.
  5. Enjoy!

Happy New Year, everyone! Wishing you a sweet decade.

Love, Bianca


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